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Quilting Designs

Quilting designs can give your quilt a wonderful texture and can be a simple meander (stippling) or be section based depending on the layout and general design of the quilt.

On this page you will find a few sample designs to give you an idea of what is possible. Any of these designs can be customised for your quilt.  The basic premise is 'if you can draw it, you can quilt it'.  So let me teach you how to be comfortable with your own domestic machine to achieve these results.  Or we can design something together especially for you.

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Useful sites:

Leah Day has a wonderful site with plenty of designs and tutorials.
Australiana - a design I created for some quilts I made for family overseas.  Good for all over designs
Trailing Leaves - This is a great design that can be spread 'thinly' over the quilt, so that there is not too much texture created.
Feathers - This is a favourite amongst quilt designers.  Has a traditional feel, but can be used in modern quilts with contrasting coloured thread.
Meander Plus - one of the most popular ways to quilt edge-to-edge.  Multiple objects can be inserted into a meander e.g. hearts, stars, flowers etc that reflect the overall design of the quilt.
Pebbles - This is a great design for transforming solid borders or sashing.
Dancing Dragon-flies
This is a favourite and is great for all over quilting.
Leaf Litter
This design reminds me of a forest floor in Autumn.  Great design for providing texture for a quilt.
Dancing Peacock feathers - This design reminds me of my Indian heritage.  Peacocks are a favourite print in textiles in Indian cullture.  This design would be suitable to provide texture and shows great thread build-up.
Double Matrix - this is a Leah Day design suitable for solid blocks and to provide texture
Swirls - suitable for solid blocks, borders or sashing in between blocks, provides good  texture
McTavishing - created by Karen McTavish, this is a great filler, all over design
Posiedon's Eye - another Leah Day design suitable for solid blocks, sashing or borders.  Provides good texture to the quilt.
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